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    The global cold chain market is estimated at USD147.55 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach at a CAGR of 15.0% from 2018-2025. The increase of global connected device and refrigerated warehouse automation are stimulating the industry growth target forecast. The cold chain solution requirement is increasing because of the expanding from the organized retail stores in emerging economies. In addition, trade liberalization, government’s effort on reducing waste food are also pushing this demand.



    Cold chain solution aims to provide ideal transportation and storage condition for temperature-sensitive products. Customers incline to choose perishable products, which distinctly different from previous long-storage products but request fast delivery at the same time. The rising trend of purchasing perishable products online brings new opportunities and challenges. The innovation cold chain solution needs to enable last-mile delivery, warehouse storage automation management, low-cost and advanced temperature monitoring devices, etc.

    We, Concox, the professional GPS tracker China manufacturer, have perspective insights into cold chain logistics market. Our device is known as vehicle GPS tracker, but we can meet customers’ requirement on cold chain logistics management at the same time. We can provide real-time tracking of location and temperature. All data can be tracked on platform anywhere anytime which brings much convenience to clients. Once the temperature is out of threshold, the device would send out alert. With this feature, it can cut down the times of cold chain management breakdown. It may cause because of running out of power/fuel shortage, or because of poor maintenance, or lack of tools capable of providing immediate response in case of emergencies. All these can lead to an unnecessary loss for your business. Escorted with our GPS tracker with temperature monitor, you can track your cargo in real time and reduce unnecessary losses caused by temperature problems.

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