• Cellphone APPs Gain Popularity

    Since APPs can be downloaded in your smartphone, it gains quick and top popularity among young people. Everybody download APPs they prefer in their cellphones and APPs are in a broad range covering all the walks of life. 
    Concox GPS trackers and other products have APPs which can be easily downloaded online. You can download an APP for each product and it is so convenient that you can use an APP in your cellphone to track your bus or guard your home.

    Concox TR02 is its first GPS vehicle tracker only with simple locating & tracking system. TR02 is famous for its use in public bus to know exactly the bus location and arrival time with an APP in your cellphone. It is designed for white-collar workers, in particular, those waiting for the coming bus for work. Kumike Bus APP was launched in October 2012 and became popular among passengers very fast.

    I also download a kumike APP in my cellphone and I find it so useful when I am waiting for my bus to work. It is popular among passengers and we hope it will bring you convenience in working days. 
    (By Jennifer)
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