• The Benefits of using Cargo GPS Tracking

    Cargo theft is always a serious threat to the supply chain and transportation industry. A cargo insurance plan may cut down your lose in case of cargo missing, however, it is without a doubt that the most important way is to prevent cargo loss. After all, the insurance plan cannot cover all conditions, and what’s more, it will not influence your normal operation for your business.


    To avoid such unnecessary cases, you can adopt a GPS tracker. By installing a GPS tracker in your trailers or shipping containers, you can track your cargo in real-time on the platform. If your cargo confronts any stolen risks, you can take the corresponding actions ASAP.

    Concox GPS tracker


    The geo-fence is a designated area that establishes a perimeter for your tracking objects. If your cargo is out of your set location, the GPS tracker would detect and send out the SMS alerts to the bound cellphone.

    Remotely cut-off oil and power

    The wired GPS tracker enables cut-off oil and power remotely.  When your cargo breaks out your geo-fence, you can send the remotely cut-off petrol instruction to your device, then your vehicle would shut down corresponding.

    Criminals Use Jammers On Cargo GPS Tracking

    Sophisticated trackers can make use of algorithms in the receiver software and be able to detect when they are being jammed. However, criminals may use sophisticated methods to disable being tracked. If the criminals disable the tracking system successfully, they can get away with the properties. But if your tracking device works effectively, the console center will send out jammers alerts by SMS and then notify the related people. In this case, your cargo has a higher possibility of recovery.

    The above simple introduction is to show how GPS tracker works in terms of anti-theft functions. Some GPS tracker is much more powerful than these descriptions. It serves as a rather useful tool for cargo management, enabling managers to have more time to expand the business.  If you want to know the favorable price about cargo tracking solution, please contact us. We are the professional GPS tracker China manufacturer.

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