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    GPS technology is an unsung hero of our modern digital times, a backbone on which many innovative applications have grown to rely on. With commercial GPS companies can navigate, track and locate more effectively. GPS has been quietly changing technological landscapes in businesses across different industries. The impact is notably felt, though often understated: GPS improves efficiency, productivity and precision; ultimately helping companies save costs and maximize profitability.

    GPS is at the heart of the infrastructure governing many aspects of operations in the fields of communications, transportation (courier, aviation, maritime, railways, etc.), supply chain management, farming, constructioni and more - functioning either in the capacity of precision in timing or geolocation - without which these industries couldn't modernize as effectively. These industries and many more have assets including their own fleet of vehicles, industry instruments and equipment connected with GPS.

    GPS and geolocation services have made possible much of the rise of the on-demand economy, often termed the ‘Uberization’ of commerce. Consumer devices like smartphones and dedicated GPS devices have delivered GPS technology into the hands of the masses, revolutionizing how daily things can be done with increasing ease, speed and mobility. Many digital applications offer consumers services with immediacy and convenience, relying on GPS to function. At the same time, the on-demand business model offers companies the opportunity to leverage GPS technology to be more effective, lean and innovative.

    As a business owner, you know that the cost of overhead expenses these days can eat into your business profits and make it difficult for you to keep your business running smoothly. One of the best ways to address this problem is to investigate technologies which can streamline your daily operations. While GPS tracking is nothing new, many of the more recent, advanced features associated with it can save businesses time and money. In fact, GPS technology can save you significant amounts of money in the following areas of operation:save moneyReduce your fuel costs. If your business depends upon transportation to any degree, then one of your biggest expenses is probably fuel. There are many different ways to address this problem, but solutions such as switching to more fuel efficient (or electric) vehicles are expensive and take many years to pay for themselves. Instead, you can utilize GPS technology combined with a fuel card to track driving behaviors which are associated with increased fuel consumption. You can then use this information to create workplace incentives to lower your fuel expenditure.

    Increase labor efficiency. Labor is another enormous overhead cost for most businesses, so it’s naturally one of the main areas to look for cost-saving alternatives. GPS tracking allows you to see when and where vehicles are operating, allowing you to track employees and eliminate time sheet fraud. You can also identify problem employees which may be costing you money.

    Promote safety. GPS tracking can also help you to identify safety issues, such as unauthorized vehicle use or speeding. By addressing issues before there is an accident, you keep your insurance rates low and prevent high out-of-pocket expenses related to vehicle mishaps. GPS Tracking also allows you to respond to any accidents more quickly, keeping both your employees and property safer on the road.

    For more information on how this technology can help your business cut costs and thrive in today’s competitive economy, give us a call. We’ll be happy to demonstrate the unlimited potential of our GPS tracking system.

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