• Best Types of GPS Fleet Tracking for Small Businesses


    GPS tracking systems have become essential for both small and large businesses that have mobile assets. When it comes to finding the best GPS fleet tracking for small businesses, there are a few tracking options you can choose from depending on your individual requirements

    First determine which features you need. According to different models and vehicle uses, as well as their own specific needs, determine which locators need to have. For example, do you need to track small vehicles, monitor large trucks, long-distance freight, container transportation, cold chain transportation or valuable asset tracking? After determining your needs, choose a portable locator, ultra-long standby locator, cold chain transport locator or container locator. Each type of locator has different functions. It is best to choose the locator that best suits your needs of.

    Make it clear whether you are looking for a fleet GPS tracker that can be used for months or years at a time to help you choose a wired locator or a wireless tracker.

    Wireless GPS fleet tracker

    Wireless GPS tracker are usually equipped with strong magnetic and no installation, some are disposable batteries, some are rechargeable batteries, you can choose to upload data in real time or at a certain interval to save battery life, and it is more concealed and difficult to be found.

    Wired GPS fleet tracker

    If you need to track vehicles or assets for a long time, it is best to use a wired fleet GPS tracker. Electricity can be obtained from the vehicle's power supply system and does not require batteries.


    Real-Time GPS Tracking

    Real-time GPS tracking is known as one of the best fleet tracking solutions for commercial use because of its level of frequency and reliability. Whether you manage two commercial vehicles or 50, live GPS tracking software will help ensure that you know where your assets are 24/7. 

    Live GPS tracking is ideal for small business leaders and managers who need the kind of precision that real-time data can offer. If you transport sensitive, valuable goods or you’re looking to maximize fuel efficiency, live GPS tracking could be the solution for you.

    Choose vehicle fleet tracking system Solutions From Track Your Truck

    With greater knowledge of the best fleet tracking for small businesses, you can make a more informed decision that will fit the needs of your team members and customers. At Track Your Truck, we offer multiple live, satellite and passive GPS fleet tracking solutions that will help your business thrive. 

    When you're looking to grow your business and improve your bottom line, a GPS tracking system is a must. If you have a growing fleet of vehicles, GPS tracking is one of the best ways to protect your fleet against cargo theft while streamlining your dispatch and scheduling processes. Fleet tracking uses GPS technology to follow vehicles across any terrain or in any location. Along with a tracking device and a sim card for storing and forwarding information. The tracking information is accessed either though a web-based interface of mobile application.

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