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    Fleet management today is simply incomplete without a robust GPS fleet tracking software. The program keeps you updated on the latest whereabouts of your vehicle even when you are in a different city altogether. It’s not exaggerating to claim that GPS tracking software has introduced a new horizon to fleet management. And, that too for better. Do you too own a fleet business and are looking for a reliable GPS tracking software? Concox GPS vehicle trackers can help you locate and track your vehicles including cars, trucks etc. The trackers have many functions such as SOS alarm, real-time tracking, and voice monitoring, two-way communication and durability. You can move your tracker from car to car. Or you can track your vehicle even if it’s being stolen.

    Easy compatibility with GPS tracking devices

    A top-notch GPS fleet tracking software should be compatible with almost all the major GPS tracker devices in the market. For example, Concox GPS fleet tracking software can work with more than  GPS trackers.So, if you still have not got GPS tracker for your fleet, you can get it from this company only.

    Real-time updates

    The best GPS tracking software must be able to provide you real-time updates on the precise location of your fleet. Not only that, you should also expect to get current updates on fuel consumption, distance traveled and of course speed limit.

    Geofencing capacities

    This is an advanced feature not always available with regular GPS tracking software. You can only expect it with a state of the art program. The term “Geofencing” implies ability to mark specific location on the routes traveled by your fleet. The best software program will send you immediate alert the moment your drivers enter or come out of those specified locations. If these are the locations that you have warned them to avoid and if they still stop at those places- you can question their unwanted actions based on the data provided by the software.

    POI tools

    The best GPS tracking software will enable you to put marker on Places of Interest (POI) – such as hotel, restaurants, gas stations etc. you will even be able to as on a brief description about these locations. It will help the driver to land up at a needed point of interest easily. For example, say your driver is new to the city and he is looking for a gas station. If you specify the gas station beforehand through your GPS tracking software, it will help the driver to find the station in a foreign place without hassle.

    Immediate SMS alerts

    A high end GPS tracking software is designed to make life more convenient for its users. Thus, it will always send immediate SMS alerts if anything notable or wrong happens to the tracked vehicles. You will get SMS alerts especially on the following incidents-

    Car theft

    Vehicle speeding

    Engine On or Off

    Cars drives in or out of specified geo zones

    Convenient reports

    This is another point which distinguishes the best GPS fleet tracking software from the regular options. A GPS tracking device tracks a huge amount of data which is very complex to fathom in its raw form. Thus, a best tracking software is designed to present the whole data in easily comprehensible reports. Added to text version, you can also expect to receive the data in visual forms like charts, graphs or maps.

    Tracking on the go

    The best GPS tracking software comes in app versions as well. It allows you to install the app in your smartphone so that you can keep tab on your fleet on the go. No longer would you need to open up your laptop to check the tracked data.

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