• How to quick start AT4 asset GPS tracker?

    Here comes the AT4 asset tracker quick guide.

    1. Insert the 2G SIM card with SMS +GPRS service. Find the notch and remove the cover. Turn the battery switch to OFF and insert the SIM card.

    2. Power on.Press power button for 3 seconds. Make sure battery is in ON position.

    3. Set the APN. Please get the APN information from your SIM card operator. Then send SMS command to the device SIM card number to set the APN parameter. The device will reply “ok” if APNset successfully.

    4. Set the server. Default platform is To connect to the other platform, please send the SMS command to change the DNS or server IP.


    5. Set SOS number. 3 SOS numbers can be set.

    6. Log in the tracking platform. Please log in the tracking platform ( APP with your account and password.



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