• Application of GPS Tracker in Smart Logistics Solution


    The rapid rise of e-commerce platform brings opportunities and challenges to all fields of logistics, making the previously uncontrollable factors transparent and responsible, and urgently need a mature and controllable smart logistics solution to make the logistics operation complex and diverse. The links are effectively linked while reducing logistics costs, improving logistics efficiency, and making consumers feel relaxed and assured of shopping.

    Smart logistics

    In smart logistics solutions, location information is a critical factor, and users and businesses need to know the logistics information of the product. The global positioning system has a new generation of satellite navigation and positioning system with full-scale real-time three-dimensional navigation and positioning capabilities of sea, land, and air. As a mobile sensing technology, GPS is an important technology applied to logistics in the Internet of Things. The combination of GPS and modern communication technology makes the method of measuring the three-dimensional coordinates of the earth's surface from static development to dynamic, from data post-processing to real-time positioning and navigation, greatly expanding its application breadth and depth, for logistics vehicles and The location of the item is queried and located in real-time.

    The intelligent logistics solution uses the vehicle-mounted terminal with built-in GPS positioning module as the communication portal to collect the status information of the logistics vehicle position and trajectory. The user can track and monitor the logistics vehicles in real-time through the management platform, and at the same time, the fixed-point management of the goods in the vehicle can be completed. The seamless connection between vehicles, goods, and warehouses in the logistics industry enables intelligent management of logistics.

    Application of GPS Tracker in Smart Logistics Solution

    The GPS tracker can monitor the position status of the vehicle in transit, which is convenient for the dispatch management center to grasp the real-time transportation progress of the goods, and share the current position information through the network mode, which is convenient for users and merchants to inquire, grasp the arrival time of the goods, and do a good job. Receipt preparation.

    In addition, if there is an unexpected situation such as driving failure or traffic jam during transportation, the GPS tracker can be quickly informed of the incident, and the nearest vehicle to the accident site will be dispatched to ensure that the transportation progress is not affected.

    The use of the GPS tracker can also help to construct a reasonable driving route, save transportation costs, and prevent theft and looting events from being monitored by the vehicle line to ensure the safety of vehicles, cargo or drivers.

    How to choose the right positioning module for Smart Logistics

    The GPS positioning module is an integrated circuit that integrates an RF RF chip, a baseband chip, and a core CPU, and adds related peripheral circuits. There are five important factors in the selection of GPS modules in smart logistics: receiving sensitivity, positioning accuracy, speed accuracy, TTFF, receiver type, etc.

    Concox AT2 Mini Asset GPS Tracker is a non-wiring device that can be placed inside the asset, on the people, and even underneath the vehicle. As a non-wiring device, this asset tracker has the optional Magnet mount by for instant mounting. Powered by 1000mAh rechargeable battery, it supports SIM change alarm and voice monitoring.

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