• The advantages of Using 3G GPS Tracking for fleet management

    Why Businesses Should Use a 3G GPS Tracker
    By the end of 2016 mobile operators from Australia, the USA and Canada are going to turn off their 2nd generation base stations. More countries will follow their example in 2017 and 2018. For GPS tracking service providers the risk depends much on their business model. If the monthly fee of the offered service generates the large part of the company’s income, the threat of 2G shutdown is essential. Such companies build the subscriber base over the years. They attract customers spending a lot of money on advertising. The profit from the equipment sales and its installation is often minimal. Furthermore, talking about the equipment installation on hundreds and thousands of cars, the time costs are high. GPS trackers that are used to manage fleet and other similar purposes should be fast and efficient. Good thing 3G GPS tracker for business is already available. You may be wondering why 3G when there is already what we call the 4G network. The reason is that the two vary depending on the network provider and the kind of mobile phone you are using. Besides, you don’t need a 4G connectivity when your phone doesn’t support it or when you’re in an area where there is no 4G network coverage. You will only need this ultra-fast connection if you are into music and video streaming. For basic apps like GPS, e-mail, or social networking, 3G connectivity is more than enough for you.
    2G vs 3G GPS Tracker
    But if you’re still using a 2G connectivity for your GPS tracking needs, you’re an old school. It’s highly recommended that you upgrade your device. It’s time to start using 3G GPS tracker for business for smooth-flowing operations. For one thing, 2G connectivity can only give you less than 50,000 bits per second of data transmission, but while with 3G network, you can have a speed of over 4 million bits per second. The faster data speeds in 3G network lead to timely information and accurate monitoring. It also helps in precise tracking using 3G towers. In some cases, it complements satellite tracking to make tracking more accurate. The enhanced security of 3G network ensures data is secure. For your fleet business, you can’t afford to lose millions of data per second! Speed is essential when it comes to fleet tracking. The use of 3G GPS Vehicle Trackers offers a commercial opportunity for many businesses. Individuals can now monitor their cars remotely and also track its fuel levels, engine condition to know exactly when the car requires service. The advancement in the motion and distance sensors has helped passengers know the distance which helps them make an informed decision. Businesses also have better control over billing and mileage of the vehicle to benchmark their business and plan on operational costs quite effectively.
    Practical recommendations on 3G jump
    If GPS tracking service fees are a significant part of your income, the time before 2G shutdown must be used with maximum efficiency. Start prepare the business as soon as possible.
    If you have 4-5 years or more prior to the transition. Offer the customers not only 2G devices but 3G ones as well.
    1. If your supplier is not ready to offer 3G devices, look for manufacturers who have already offered 2G trackers. Likely their products have the advantages in other technological aspects. You have time for negotiations and testing.
    2. Tell your customers that 3G devices price is not so high. It is not much more expensive than 2G trackers. If the customers buy the “next G” devices now, they will be prepared for the transition. There will have no need to purchase and install new equipment in just a couple of years.
    3. Show the benefits of 3G such as connection reliability due to 3G network coverage increasing and the lack of 2G networks development. Suchwise, you and your customers will get rid of unnecessary costs in the future and eliminate the risk of losing the subscriber base.
    Just 2-3 years left. Stop selling 2G GPS trackers and start change the old сustomer’s devices to the “next G” ones.
    1. Consider plan B to extend the transitional period. If your mobile operator wants to be one of the first who canceling 2G, sign a contract with another mobile network carrier. After the shutdown it will be enough to replace the SIM-card and gain some time.
    2. Inform the old customers of the new 3G devices assortment. Show the devices advantages over existing 2G GPS-trackers. “G” is not the only benefit, tell about the functions.
    3. Due to the large 3G device purchase, you can get additional discount from suppliers. If your current supplier is not ready for 3G, find another one and test its equipment.
    4. Offer special promotions on equipment exchange. For example, it may be a free new device installation or exchange discounts. Of course you have to pay for this, it keeps your customer base, you will not face a heavy workload during 2G shutdown.
    Only few month ahead. Do your best to move your customers to 3G.
    1. Take a sufficient number of SIM cards from the mobile operator who are going to provide 2G service for some time. This is for the customers who will decide to change the equipment at the eleventh hour.
    2. Create a special team of managers and installers, who will work with existing customers to replace their equipment.
    3. Purchase an ample supply of 3G equipment. Not only your customers may be needed the devices but the competitor’s as well. Do not miss a chance to lure them away.
    4. Make the equipment exchange program according to the degree of the customers loyalty and their importance to your business. Decide how much you can pay for the customers transition.
    Example of 3G GPS Tracker for fleet management
      GV20 3G GPS Tracker Device
    With finest craftsmanship, GV20 is a fully-featured, highly competitive and cost effective 3G GPS tracker developed for vehicle, motor and bus tracking. It offers you crystal clear real-time tracking details, including location, route, flashback, etc., even in tough environment. It supports remote fuel/power cutoff and gives you insight on ignition status. Wherever you go, its instant alert notifications allow you to react accordingly and immediately.
    GT06E 3G GPS Tracker Multifunctional Tracking Device
    GT06E gets you a step ahead with 3G capabilities and better tracking, ideal for fleet tracking and management.Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, the GT06E features not only traditional tracking functions as tele-cutoff petrol, geo-fence, SOS alarm, overspeed alert, but optional digital outputs for door detection, vehicle pinpoint by audio-visual alert, external power voltage etc.
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