• How to troubleshoot a GPS tracker by yourself?

    The GPS tracker goes wrong? Tired of waiting for after-sales support? Want to settle down this problem immediately? Maybe you can try these troubleshooting procedures before contacting a service professional.  It definitely improves the efficiency.


    Why does my tracker have no access to connect platform?

    The fuses blow, you can replace the fuses.

    The fuses have no problem. But it doesn’t work yet.

    ACC ignition disconnected, please turn on ACC with key.


    Why does my tracker have no network?

    Please check the SIM card. Make sure the SIM card install correctly and there is no filth on the SIM card iron surface. Also, ensure your SIM card is valid.

    I confirm the SIM card has no problem, but still fail to connect?

    GPS tracker works best when the device is outside under a clear line of sight to the sky. Please make try again in a better signal area.


    Why is my GPS not charging?

    Check the voltage. Please connect with suitable voltage.

    Is there another possible reason?

    Yes, improper connection, so check connection with charger.


    No GPS signal found. It is unable to locate. How to fix it?

    The signal waves unable to transmit when using the GPS tracker in the places that have poor signal reception, such as tall building around or basement. In this condition, please change to another place that has a good signal condition.

    Also, make sure no signal shield. All metallic cases of the windshield will attenuate the signal on the tracking device. It’s simply due to the shielding effects of the metal compound of the case. To avoid this satiation, we suggest you install your device under rear windshield, under front windshield and around dashboard.


    Why there is no update of vehicle’s location?

    It is caused by poor signal and can be solved like no GPS signal problems.


    I want to boot the device, but fail to do that?

    It is due to low battery. Please charge the device battery.


    Why there is no power off alarm?

    Because the built-in battery is off. Just turn it on.


    The above are some basic trouble you may confront, if you have more questions, please click here.

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