• Why GPS tracker still use the 2G network?

    Currently, the 5G network world is coming soon. HoweverGPS tracker still uses the 2G network. Why is GPS locator still using such a "junk" 2G network?

    Well, it should be clarified that the 2G network is not as slow as you know. 4G's network speed is indeed much faster than 2G’s when you are using mobile phones to access the Internet, but it is because there are many applications on mobile phones, or more traffic is needed when watching videos. The GPS tracking device is different. When it is positioned in real time, the traffic consumed in one month will be less than 30 megabytes. It is totally enough to use the 2G network. The 2G network will not lead to the slow uploading of the positioning.



    Sometimes the GPS tracker uses 3G, but only when the users need the "screen upload" service. The screen uploading is to use the GPS tracking unit to connect an external camera, and then rely on this camera to capture the picture and upload it in real time. Uploading screen data is definitely slower than uploading the positioning data because it requires more traffic and has high requirements on the network speed. Therefore, customers who generally have this requirement need 3G.



    Of course, there is another situation. For countries that have cut off 2G networks, they can only use 3G network.

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