• 10000mAh battery powered 3g GPS tracker for asset tracking

    Concox AT6 3G GPS tracker is designed for asset tracking that can be installed on the container, lawn mower, truck trailers, generators and other assets.

    It supports 3G WCDMA data transmission, which can satisfy consumers’ increased demand for mobile data and faster access speeds. With 3G GPS tracker, you are sure that you will receive complete data in time and will experience less system downtime.

    Listen-in allows the user, through a text message, to listen to everything that is happening around the place where it is concealed. You can know the real-time situation in your vehicle and take the responding measures accordingly.

    Built-in 10000mAh high powered lithium-ion battery can last from 7 days to 2 years based on the setting. It’s ideal for protecting property and equipment while minimizing any need for charging. It is designed for long-term tracking and only reports it’s location a few times per day.

    When the device stays idle, it intelligently reduces inefficient power consumption. It is equipped with an intelligent power management.

    With the strong magnet, the device has easy installation and can absorb on any magnetic item. Attached 3M foam tape and bracket help fix the device on non-magnetic items.The anti-tamper button will pop out and alert will be sent if the device is disassembled. In standby mode, the alert message will be uploaded and tracking mode will be activated for 20 minutes if device dis-assembly is detected. After 20 minutes, the device enters into ultra-long standby mode. The dis-assembly alert can be turned off by command.

    We Concox has our own developed tracking APP and platform. You can track your asset on our Tracksolid.

    AT6 3G Asset GPS Tracker is one of our asset GPS trackers. If you want to know more similar products, you can visit asset tracker.

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