We are specifically proud to announce the launch of our newest OBD tracker model - VL502, the new member of the JimiIoT & Concox 4G tracking terminals portfolio, offering multiple distinctive features to stand out from the rest, and provide competitive benefits for fleet managers of passenger cars, auto dealers, and auto finance industries. With stronger capacity and relatively low cost, this plug-n-play VL502 model will be a valuable part of your fleet management strategy.



    On-Board Diagnostics

    By reading the K-Line and CAN bus data of the vehicle ECU, this device can obtain more than 16 kinds of vehicle data such as VIN code, engine speed, water temperature, accumulated mileage and more, helping you further enhance the safety of your fleet and drivers.

    Reliable Network Connectivity

    Built with a cutting-edge communications module leveraging the CAT1 networks with GSM fallback, this device ensures a solid connection in almost all cases, meeting the growing demand for smart LTE plug-n-play trackers.

    Accurate Positioning Capability

    With the help of GPS and BDS positioning systems, this powerful device provides strong signal acquisition, ensuring that locations are accurately displayed on the cloud platform. It also supports Inertial Navigation System (INS) compatibility, enabling continuous tracking in areas with poor GPS signal or even without it.

    Driving Behavior Analysis

    Using the UBI-based algorithm and reliable accelerometer data, the VL502 can accurately analyze 4 or 8 kinds of dangerous driving behavior depending on your needs and support the all-around monitoring of vehicles' real-time status.

    Fast & Effortless Installation

    Featuring a plug-n-play design, the VL502 is easy to install on virtually any passenger car and ideal for the delivery industry, especially in the context of a global pandemic where an easy and fast way to track the vehicles is key for companies.


    In addition to these features, we have also added Bluetooth connectivity and the suite of event-triggered alerts to bring more values. The VL502 is, therefore, an ideal choice for fleet management of light commercial vehicles, insurance telematics (UBI), car rental & leasing and more.


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