• The Solution of Signal Blind Area: GM200

    We are happy to present to you Concox UBI Inertial Navigation Module - GM200!

    The main advantage is that GM200 leverages the best aspects of traditional GPS positioning and INS technology by integrating them into a single module.


    In addition to high-precision positioning information, this integrated navigational system also provides more accurate speed and direction information than either pure inertial navigation or pure satellite navigation, especially for routes that include an underground garage or tunnel.

    The combination of these two technologies also minimizes the effect of position drift, and allows the Jimi Inertial Navigation Module to achieve new levels of positioning accuracy.

    With features such as Driving Behavior Analysis, Personalized Pricing, Positioning Accuracy, Real-time Tracking, Mileage Expenses, Premium Discounts, etc.

    Concox UBI Inertial Navigation Module’s positioning accuracy meets the standards of more detail-driven fleet management applications, especially things like UBI auto insurance and vehicle rental.


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