• Plan Ahead to Ensure Production and Delivery During Pandemic



    Dear customers,

    All employees of Jimi IoT and Concox will work from home from March 14 to March 20 as the government required. To ensure the timely delivery of your goods and all your concerns are addressed at the earliest time possible during special times like this, we have done the followings:

    1. Contingency plans are made two weeks ahead based on the trend of the pandemic to ensure normal operation of our supply chain and that your orders can meet their contract requirements.

    2. Regular and timely followup of manufacturing process: Employees of all departments are actively engaging in their work in an orderly manner to ensure that you can reach out to us via WeChat, phone, video call, or email anytime if you have questions about your orders or other services.

    3. Professional customer service team has been arranged to answer your questions about our products and quotes.

    We highly value your support and understanding during such a period. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via or your sale manager.


    Shenzhen Concox Information Technology Co., Ltd.


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