• Concox - New challenges Arise in GITEX Dubai


    From 16-20 October, 2016, GITEX had witnessed Concox's passion and success. During the exhibition, we noticed that attendees coming from Middle East, especially UAE, a country with export and import advantage, showed great interest to our products.                       



    1080P 3G Car Rearview mirror featuring navigation, tracking service and Bluetooth hands-free function and GT710 asset tracker with magnet, long standby, alerts and IP67 dust and water-proof became the highlights of the show. It is worth mentioning that newly launched car rearview mirror C8 shakes off the big screen and will be much more user friendly.




    Through the communication with customers, we had a better understanding of their various needs. It is proved that major customers require GPS trackers with high quality batteries. As for personal GPS tracking devices, 3G, compact and mini style would be a popular trend in the coming future. At the same time, the OBD II tracking is in heavy demand.




    An issue emerged is that some products sold to Dubai are confronted with the battery bulging problem. Therefore, Concox is committed to developing a new kind of product with enlarged cover and heat-resisting battery.


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