• JV200 Sole Agent Wisetrack to Attend FIACRUZ 2017


    Date: Feb/15th to 19th

    Venue: Pavilion No. 9 / Booth No. 6
    City: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
    Bolivia Sole Agent Wisetrack, with JV200, will present at the FIACRUZ 2017 as the only company focusing on GPS vehicles trackers.
    FIACRUZ 2017 is an cars specialized international fair. In this fair attendees and visitors can find cars dealer of the most prestigious brand from manufacturing, cars insurance, cars rental, etc.
    About Wisetrack
    Founded in 2005, Wisetrack offers specialized technological services, fleet management and control solutions, making operations more efficient and adding value to the relationship with suppliers, distributors and customers.
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