• JM-LL01 & JM-VL02 were certified by AT&T


    On May 25th, 2020, Concox’s LTE Cat M1 NB2 devices JM-LL01 & JM-VL02 both got the certification of AT&T.
    AT&T is one of the largest operators in the United States and has a huge influence. JM-LL01 & JM-VL02 obtain AT&T certification, marking that Concox telematics devices can pass AT&T strict certification test and are of excellent quality.
    Getting the AT&T certification is an important step in moving further into the dynamic and competitive market in North America. It not only helps us to better serve North American customers, timely meet North American customer demand, but also helps to enhance our influence in the North American market. Also, it highlights Concox's determination to expand the international market.

    About AT&T certification: 

    AT&T Certification Gets You Network Ready

    AT&T's "Get Network Ready" program includes a simple process that assures your data-only or data-with-voice device is ready for network operation. This is an important step towards achieving maximum connectivity performance and reducing or eliminating costly after-the-fact redesign.

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