• Huizhou manufacturing base steps up capacity with a relocation


    On February 19, 2021, CONCOX manufacturing base moved to a new location when the New Year came, and the development of CONCOX took another step forward.

    On February 15, 2021, the relocation of the Huizhou manufacturing base was officially launched.

    The staff packs and moves the materials


    In order to ensure the normal operation of the factory's daily work and not delay product delivery, the factory staff completed the overall relocation work intensively during the Spring Festival from February 15th to 17th. On February 19, the relocation of Huizhou manufacturing plants was completed as planned, and the new plant was put into use.

    Aerial view of the new factory


    Effect picture along the street

    The new factory covers an area of ​​approximately 6,695 square meters, including a comprehensive office area, packaging workshop, test area, assembly area, warehouse area, and after-sales area. A clean, spacious, and orderly workshop environment, modern, functional, and brand-new office facilities and leisure spaces will further stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, enhance their professionalism, and provide customers with higher-quality products and services.

    The appearance of the new site


    Spacious and tidy warehouse


    The new look of the new workshop

    New environment, new starting point, new journey! The new Embedded Manufacturing Plants also marks a step forward for Concox Internet on the road of intelligent manufacturing and service.

    In the future, CONOCX will continue to accelerate its pace in the Industrial Internet of Things and continue to uphold the mission of "Making connections simpler", while continuously improving the efficiency of business processes, providing customers with better services.

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