GPS Tracker Factory

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Automation and digitization are at the heart of Concox's manufacturing. The combination of the two has streamlined the entire production process, increased our capacity, and lowered human errors. This further improves our product quality and our delivery efficiency.
  • Manufacturing Bases2Manufacturing Bases
  • Floor Area69,000Floor Area
  • Factory Workers500+Factory Workers
  • SMT Lines9SMT Lines
  • Assembly Lines10Assembly Lines
  • Years of Experience10+Years of Experience
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Smarter. Faster. Better
SMT Error Avoidance System
Prevent errors in feeding. Assist operators to control the production.
  • mt_overview_pass
  • smt_overview_app
  • smt_overview_report
  • smt_overview_out
  • smt_overview_mangement
  • Improve line shifting speedImprove line
    shifting speed
  • Shorten check timeShorten check
  • Generate insightful reportsGenerate insightful
  • Save costsSave costs
  • Control risksControl risks
  • Daily production capacityDaily production capacity – 36,555,000 joints
  • Daily PCBA testing capacityDaily PCBA testing capacity – 80,000 PCS
  • SMD packageSMD package : 0201/0402/0603/0805/1206/3206
  • BGA with tray & reel packaging & X-Ray testingBGA with tray & reel packaging & X-Ray testing
  • Fine Pitch PartsFine Pitch Parts: 0.35/0.4/0.5 pitch
  • Single- and double- sided placement, SMT, THT, or mixed for bothSingle- and double- sided placement, SMT, THT, or mixed for both
Manufacturing Execution System
Enhanced Productivity With MES
System Structure
  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • plan
  • Proven approach with minimum risk to customerProven approach with
    minimum risk to customer
  • Perform better scrap managementPerform better scrap
  • Get full visibility to material usage and inventoryGet full visibility to material
    usage and inventory
  • Reduce manufacturing cycle time and data entry timeReduce manufacturing cycle
    time and data entry time
  • Production cost analysis in greater detailProduction cost analysis
    in greater detail
  • Rework in an efficient mannerRework in an efficient
Unattended Warehouse
  • Smart storage system_materials
  • Smart storage system_sampling
  • Smart storage system_forklif
  • Lower CostsLower Costs
  • Workforce Productivity & RetentionWorkforce Productivity & Retention
  • Healthier InventoryHealthier Inventory
  • Sustainable Sustainable "Green" Practices
  • Eliminate product damageEliminate product damage
  • Minimize danger in the workplaceMinimize danger
    in the workplace
  • Provide flexibility and customizationProvide flexibility
    and customization
  • Stable systemStable system
Assembly & Packaging
You Name It, We Make it!
Provide customization and help customers to make concepts into reality.
Decrease Cost & Increase Efficiency
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