• Non-contact Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition Solution for COVID-19 Fight



    Since the coronavirus outbreak, temperature detection has been an important indicator of epidemic prevention and control. With more and more employees return to work, how to avoid cross-infection under contact detection is worth thinking about.

    Concox non-contact temperature measurement & attendance solution not only can complete the one-stop temperature detection, recording, and early warning of employees in and out through a non-contact method, but also solve the inefficiency caused by ordinary temperature gun detection, establish an epidemic prevention service and notification publicity for enterprises, providing a one-stop solution to the whole process of temperature detection under various scenarios. 

    1. Obstacles facing COVID-19 fight

    How to fast measure body temperature when people flood in?

    For companies, how to take both attendance management and epidemic control into account?

    2. Customer Value

    • Smart identification
    • Non-contact temperature measuring in seconds
    • Huge cloud storage for easy traceback and management
    • Multiple indoor application scenarios

    Concox non-contact temperature measurement & attendance solution integrate access management and body temperature detection in one device, realize automatic detection and early warning.

    3. Features

    3.1. Smart Identification—Facial Recognition


    Anti-spoofing Algorithm
    Anti-spoofing detection against 3D models, videos, and pictures.

    Huge Face Database
    The Ultra-large capacity of facial templates : 20,000.


    3.2. Temperature measurement & abnormal temp alert

    The system measures body temperature via infrared radiation, which requires less manpower and  prevents cross infection resulted from queuing and temperature measurement by human.

    High precision temperature measuring 
    Measuring accuracy:±0.3-0.5℃, distance:<1meters,

    Real-time temperature measuring 
    Measuring duration: <300ms.

    HD display 
    7-inch, 1024 x 600 LCD which shows temp readings.

    Abnormal Temperature Alert 
    Auto-trigger alert when detecting abnormal temperature.

    Audio & Visual Alert 
    Support external audio & visual alert. Trigger alerts when detecting abnormal temperature.


    3.3. Cloud-based Data Storage

    Data auto-update

    Check and delete duplicate entries for easy management and query.

    Data auto-upload
    Upload data such as attendance and body temperature readings to the cloud, facilitating fast and efficient management.


    3.4. Multiple Indoor Application Scenarios

    The system can be installed in the entrance of a company, factory, apartment complex, supermarket, food market, etc. for fast temperature sensing, facial recognition, attendance management, and more. This can be a great help in member management and health screening. All these data can be a basis for generating customers' images, which facilitates targeted services.

    4. Hardware Parameters

    CPU HI3516CV500
    OS Linux
    Storage 8G EMMC
    Sensor 1/2.7" CMOS
    Lens 4mm
    Recognition height 1.2-2.2 meters, adjustable angle
    Recognition distance 0.5-2 meters (0.5-0.7 meters in temperature measurement mode)
    Face angle Up and down 30 degrees
    Recognition time <300ms
    Face capacity Support 20,000 face comparison library & 100,000 face recognition records
    Thermal imaging temperature measurement 0.5-0.7meters,accuracy0.3-0.5℃
    RFID Support 13.56MHz IC card


    Camera SONY wide dynamic camera, support live detection
    Pixels 1920*1080
    Minimum illumination Color 0.01Lux @F1.2(ICR); Black and white 0.001Lux @F1.2
    Signal to noise ratio ≥50db(AGC OFF)
    Wide dynamic range ≥80db
    Network interface: RJ45 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port
    Wiegand interface SupportWiegandinput orWiegandoutput(26 or 34)
    Alert output 1 switch output
    USB 1 USB interface (support external ID card reader)
    Protocol HTTP/SDK/ WebSocket/ONVIF/GB28181
    Powersupply DC 12V/2A
    power 10W(MAX)
    Working temperature -20℃ - +60℃(15-30℃ in temperature measurement mode)
    Working humidity 5~90% relative humidity, non-condensing
    Dimension 120mm* 33.5mm *366.7mm
    Column aperture 33mm


    Concox focuses on our core competitiveness, gives full play to the outstanding advantages of technological advancement, extensive data, and real-time communication, and is dedicated to provides high-value scenario-based IoT solutions in the fight against COVID-19. If you need further help, please email to

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