• CRX & Concox Successfully Held Dealer Conference in São Paulo

    CRX & Concox successfully held Workshop Innovation and Technology in Tracking conference in São Paulo / SP, Brazil dated May 22.


    Many industry's top experts attended this largest and most important market meeting and shared their knowledge about the vehicle tracking market. We all had a wonderful day there.

    The entire process is very compact and well organized. More than 200 visitors attended the conference and it reaches the highest attendance record so far.

    Several experienced experts in the industry sharing about the importance of the IoT network, GPS positioning industry, industry challenges, survival status, target setting and sales channels, etc.

    During the conference, We Concox introduced our company, products, solutions, local distribution, etc. and shared our development in the past years and this year's new roadmap.

    10 dealer conferences have been scheduled this year. Join us and expand your business together!




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