• Concox Attracts Passionate Graduates

    Concox, an information technology company specializes in GPS tracking devices and wireless communication industry in China, has attracts a large number of passionate graduates whose majors are IT, electronic engineering, communication science, international business and so on.

    6 of the passionate graduates

    Reasons why these energetic younkers choose Concox can be seen from their feelings after enteringConcox.

    I feel happy and proud to be a Concox person. Concox is a big family bringing its members feeling of warmth and happiness. It is an energetic and dedicated team as well, which attracts us young graduates to work here. In Concox, everyone has an opportunity to achieve success once one strides for it. — Julie Lin

    It is an honor for me to join this super good team. It gathers the youths who have dreams to work together. Therefore the working atmosphere is pretty energetic and lively. I believe I can grow quickly in this team and make contribution to Concox. — Coco Liu

    Concox is a nice work place as I wished before; I am so excited to have so many excellent members here. It is a great stage for me to develop my career; I will learn how to appreciate my work and life, and I will use my skills and passion to devote to this company and society. — Jim Wang

    Working with Concoxer makes me feel that I am such a lucky girl. Actually I major in food science during college, and I know maybe I lag a little behind others at the beginning, but I firmly believe that success always smiles upon people who are diligent. So just do it. — Fairy Lau

    In Apr 18th, I become a member of a big family - Concox. Everyone here is kind, energetic and positive. I am so lucky to work with my team members who are very patient and professional, and they teach me how to take responsibilities. It is the right place to begin my dream. — Chris Su

    I really appreciate Jhins’ guidance, Jason’s kindness, Sam’s brilliant thoughts and so on. I am so lucky to be a member of Concox, and I will adapt to this new environment in the fastest pace. I believe I will learn much more from all of my colleagues and try my best to make contribution to this company. — Summer Chen

    “We have invested time and effort to attract excellent professionals because we believe that talent is the most significant strategic resources for the development and survival of Concox. It is sure that participation of these young members shall bring Concox new life and energy!”said Mr. Jhins Cheng, the General Manager of International Sales Division of Concox.

    While the U.S. economy sputters, other economies around the world are surging — especially in emerging markets like South America and Asia. Economic opportunities, coupled with a shortage of skilled labor in these markets, have intensified the global war for talent. So, how can global companies create a competitive differentiator for themselves is an urgent task at hand in today’s knowledge-based economy society. And Concox made it in an effective way.


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