• Concox released E-bike GPS tracker JM-EG03



    Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has to a large extent impacted the entire world, including the global economy, national policies, almost all industries, and even human lifestyle. Under this situation, people are suggested or appealed to take two-wheel transports instead of taking bus and subway to significantly mitigate the risk of mutual infection, what’s worse, public transportation is prohibited in some regions where unfortunately being affected a lot. 

    Our newly designed Electric bike tracker JM-EG03 aims to strengthen E-bike security for counteracting against the epidemic, as it was designed with the utilization of diverse advanced technologies that ensuring great user experience.

    One of the most excellent user experiences is the remote operation: users are now able to interact with this device and server through a mobile phone app on which they can remotely operate, particularly lock and unlock their bikes in a distance of some meters. When the bike is remaining stationary, an abnormal wheel-turn can easily trigger the device to send an alert, at the same time, a buzzer notification can be activated to deter the thief. Besides, JM-EG03 also delivers great avoidance of damage that caused by over-charging.


    Key Features:
    • Real-time location
    • Remote operation
    • Intelligent lock/unlock (Bluetooth)
    • TTL/RS232/RS485 data transmission
    • Electric bike factory
    • Electric bike rental
    • E-bike anti-theft service

    You can click HERE to explore more details of this product.

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