• Concox GPS Tracker Approved by AIS-140


    About Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) 140:

    Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS 140) is a set of standards published by ARAI (Automotive) for vehicle tracking system, camera surveillance system, and emergency request button. This mandate is in line with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways notification dated 28th November 2016. 



    AIS-140 devices must be able to:

    Obtain position information using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Transmit data to Back-end Control Server using mobile GPRS Transmit Position, Velocity and Time (PVT data) along with heading (direction of travel) at a configurable frequency Transmit data to minimum 2 different IP addresses (for regulatory purpose and emergency response system) other than the IP’s required for an operational purpose Send an emergency alert to the configured IPs when SOS button is pressed Support internal backup battery as well as OTA software and configuration updates Support the store and forward mechanism for all type of data (periodic data and alerts)




    Who Needs AIS 140 GPS Tracker?

    Inner city public transport systems

    Intercity public transport systems

    Emergency management

    Commercial vehicles




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