• Concox: Boost Olympic Winter 2022 on Beidou Serivce

    (April 28, 2016) With the slogan of “Boost 2022 Winter Olympics”, China Beidou Strategic Alliance held its signing ceremony in the Venice Hotel Shenzhen.
    As a firm supporter in Chinese Beidou wireless communication, Concox Information and Technology Co., Ltd, together with Harxon, QuanTu Tong, Shanghai Bega and Hang Tong Electronics signed the Strategic Co-operation Frame Agreement, marking that the Beidou Terminal R&D project of Beijing 2022 have entered an intensive and crucial countdown stage.


     The alliance, combining the industry chain of chipset, antenna, terminal and application, would do their upmost to assist the successful opening of 2022 Winter Olympics. The projects they cooperated on, will initiate Beidou service on Olympic games, aiming to provide accurate location based service to journalists, athletes, coaches, volunteers, audiences, security personnel and other supporting staff.
    The project echoed the theme of the Fifth Meeting of GNSS and LBS Association of China. Sun Jiadong, the Father of China's Guided Missile & Satellite Technology and the chief designer for the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, is also paying highly attention tothe new-born alliance and coming projects.


    About Concox

    Concox Information &Technology Co., Ltd., a leading designer and manufacturer of professional telematics and wireless communications products, dedicates to bring reliable location-based products and services to the mass.
    Concox has always been a practitioner to apply China’s Beidou technology into civilian field. In 2015, Concox has achieved 20% of Beidou transformation that is expected to reach 50% in 2016. By continuous efforts, Concox strives to be a leading runner both in Beidou and GPS areas.


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