• Sun Jiadong's Visit: Boost Concox Confidence on Beidou Navigation

    Sun Jiadong's Visit: BoostConcox Confidence on Beidou Navigation

    On April 14, 2016, Mr. Sun Jiadong, father of China's guided mission & satellite technology, took a special visit to Shenzhen Concox Information Technology Co., Ltd. Accompanied by deputy secretary general of GLAC(GNSS and LBS Association of China), Mr.Sun Jiadong made a comprehensive survey on the project development related to Beidou Navigation System and shared his suggestion and guidance.


    During the visit, Mr.Gao Xingxin, president of Concox, gave a full introduction on Concox's current design of telematics terminals, which earned Mr.Sun’s keen interest and praise. “Concox's products do value on experience and quality, that's similar as doing science and study. Only those with consistent and solid dedication can stand the test from the market", said by Mr. Sun.


    After that Mr.Liu Weijian, General-Manager of Concox, reported on the development of Concox's Beidou Project. "The positive feedback on Concox's first-launched Beidouhardware greatly boosted our confidence and determination on the up-coming input. By 2015, Concox has achieved 20% transformation from GPS to BeidouNativation System. And this ratio would increase to 50% by 2016 and 80% by 2017 hopefully” said by Liu.


    Mr.Sun thought highly of the achievement. He said, to promote the civilization of Beidou System, Concox shall give full play on the following aspects:
    Firstly, during the research & development process, all enterprises shall join together to make an industrial standard so as to create a healthy and ordered market environment.

    Regarding the service platform, Concox shall play a leading role in building a general service platform with strong compatibility, high extension and unified standard, which is expected to access the intelligent city system upwardly and compatible with various application downwardly, increasing the industrial efficiency in a great extend.

    Lastly, domestic firms shall work closely with overseas companies on resources integration to create an after-sale service network for mutual benefit. It matters more on reducing the service cost and enhance competency in the international market. 


    By the end of the trip, Mr.Sun, representing GLAC, presented the model "Feitian", souvenir of Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou-7 aircraft mission, as an encouragement to Concox. He said, “The terminal application is the sprint of Beidou system civilization. Concox shall continue to make efforts and realize the goal of making full use of Chinese satellite system. ”

    Sun Jiadong (Chinese: ) a Chinese scientist and an expert in carrier rocket and satellite technology. He has long served as a leader of Chinese satellite projects, and is currently the chief designer for the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program.Sun is also a member of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the International Academy of Astronautics.

    BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, also known as BeiDou-2, is China's second-generation satellite navigation system that will be capable of providing positioning, navigation, and timing services to users on a continuous worldwide basis.

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