• One-Stop IoT Solution for Battery Management


    Battery Theft, Battery Overcharge/Over-discharge, Inadequate Monitoring, Battery Loss - we are talking about the key challenges facing Battery Management here.



    One-Stop IoT Solution


    To help enterprises in different industries realize intelligent management of their batteries, we have launched the One-Stop IoT Solution to address these key challenges.

    Through the Jimi battery trackers and SaaS service platform, as well as the BMS (battery management system) protection board, our solution can sense and collect such battery data as temperature, current & voltage, and more at any time, helping enterprises realize charging/discharging management, instant alarms for atypical events, real-time status monitoring of batteries.



    Highlights of Our Solution


    · Battery Management Systems (BMS)

    The transparent data transmission of our trackers to the BMS protection board can help enterprises to ensure battery charging safety and extend battery life.


    · Instant Response to Battery Theft

    Enterprises can monitor the locations and distribution of batteries in real-time with our intelligent trackers, reducing the incidence rate of battery theft and recovering the stolen batteries with great assistance.


    · Data Analysis for Greater Efficiency

    Our intelligent trackers can be connected to your own platform or to any third-party platform to analyze data, facilitating efficient and unified battery management.


    · Multiple Alerts for Atypical Events

    When atypical events such as abnormal vibration, power failure, high temperature occur to the battery, enterprises will receive alerts from the cloud platform at once.


    · Customizable Hardware

    Support customization according to your needs (BMS, multiple positioning systems, various cellular networks, 9-90V operating voltage, and other functions like geo-fence entry/exit, remote power cut-off, etc.).



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