• AT4 Long-Standby Tracker for Asset Management

    The AT4 is a powerful tracking solution designed for asset management. Featuring a rugged casing, a magnetic base, and a high-capacity internal battery, this device is perfect for a wide range of deployments where long standby time and simple installation are key. Using GPS, WiFi, and LBS positioning, the AT4 can give detailed reports, helping you stay informed about the location or condition of your assets, telling you exactly where your vehicle has been, where it's heading and how fast it's traveling.


    Another vital part of the solution is security. The internal mic allows for remote monitoring of the ambient environment, and the suite of event-triggered alerts puts you in total control of your assets. For example, when an unauthorized removal of the tracking device occurs, the pressure-sensitive sensor would immediately transmit the signal to the device, which would then send the alert to the owner or managing operator.




    · Live location tracking - GNSS and GSM connection allows for fast data transmission, ensuring that your assets/vehicles can be accurately positioned in real-time if circumstances require rescue.

    · Fast and easy installation - strong magnetic mount provides you with an extremely easy installation onto almost any metal surface and keeps the device securely attached even when the vehicle drives on rough roads.

    · Constant and stable monitoring - 10,000mAh rechargeable battery allows for long service life, and the water-resistant case ensures continued optimal performance out in the elements without worrying about rain, sleet, or snow.




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