• GT800: A LTFRB-Accredited GPS Tracker for Fleet Compliance


    The Jimi GT800 tracking device has passed the testing conducted by the Department of Transportation (DOTR), and Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board (LTFRB), an agency of the Republic of the Philippines under the Department of Transportation (DOTr), which is responsible for the promulgation, administration, enforcement, and monitoring of the compliance of policies, laws, and regulations of public land transportation services.




    The LTFRB issued a mandate requiring bus operators to install and register GPS devices on their public buses back in 2016. In this way, the operators can monitor the speeds and locations of their fleets. It is a better, intelligent way to enforce the law and guarantee public safety. So what kinds of GPS trackers can help operators in the Philippines to better comply with these policies, laws, and regulations?

    First, it can fix locations of vehicles quickly and precisely;

    Second, it can offer an emergency feature to allow operators to control the vehicle in emergencies;

    Third, it can operate correctly in tough conditions as vehicles are on the road most of the time, be it rainy, snowy, or sunny;

    Fourth, it would be an add-on if it can check the attendance of drivers to free the operators from paper works.

    All the above features are basic to the GT800 (2G) and it can do more….

    What's more, to other telematics devices – Wetrack Lite (2G) and VL03 (4G) – are also in the process of accreditation.

    To know more about it, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to be of help to you.


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